Basic Cardi Pattern for Disney Animators

I have been happily stitching away doll clothing, because I need tiny, imaginative things in my life.

Disney Animator’s Collection has completely stolen my heart.  I decided on Merida because of her rascally expression.  She is so much more amazing in real life!  Pictures just don’t do her justice.

The dress I made for Merida.  It's all hand stitched, because sewing machines make me use all the bad words!

The dress I made for Merida. It’s all hand stitched, because sewing machines make me use all the bad words!

A few days later, I managed to score Tiana.

Tiana getting fitted.

Tiana getting fitted.

Merida and Tiana in their new woolly sweaters.

Merida and Tiana in their new woolly sweaters.



Now for the pattern:


Basic Cardi Pattern

 to fit Disney Animator dolls

This is a basic raglan style cardigan.  It fits the Animator body like a glove.   If you want a looser fit, simply do a couple of more increase rows before removing the sleeve stitches from the body on row 21.


Small amount of sport weight yarn—I used Cascade 220, DK wool

Size 5 knitting needles

5 buttons to fit buttonholes

tapestry needle

scrap yarn

stitch markers (4)

row counter


CO: cast on;  st, sts: stitch, stitches; R: row; k: knit: p: purl; pm: place marker; sm: slip marker; kfb: knit front and back of stitch (increase); yo: yarn over; k2tog: knit two stitches together; BO: bind off

All of these methods can be found on YouTube if you have trouble figuring out how to do them.



CO 28 sts.

R1: knit

R2: place markers as follows:  k6, pm, k4, pm, k8, pm, k4, pm, k6.

R3 *buttonhole row*: (Knit to first stitch before marker, kfb, sm, kfb) 4x, k to last 3 sts, yo, k2tog, k1.

R4: K4, purl across to last 4 sts, k4.

R5: (Knit to first stitch before marker, kfb, sm, kfb) 4x, k to end.

R6: K4, p across to last 4 sts, k4.

Repeat rows 5 & 6 to row 21, adding buttonholes on rows 11 & 19.

Row 21:  k to 1st marker, remove marker, transfer sleeve sts between markers to scrap yarn with tapestry needle.  k to next marker, remove marker, transfer sleeve sts to scrap yarn, remove marker, k to end.

R22: K4, p across to last 4 sts, k4.

R23: k across

Repeat rows 22 and 23 to row 37, adding buttonholes on rows 27 and 35.

R38, 39, 40: knit across

Row 41: BO.



Pick up sleeve stitches onto needle on right side.

R1: k across.

R2: p across

R3-6: k across

R7: BO, leaving a long-ish tail to sew inner sleeve seams.

Repeat on other side.  Sew up sleeve seams, weave in ends.  Add buttons and voila!  Your wonderful Animator girl has a new cozy sweater!

DSCN0406 (2)

Elbow dimples!

Elbow dimples!

Skygazing.  Oh, those little tummies!

Skygazing. Oh, those little tummies!


Neve the Naturalist Girl


Hello, world.

This is Neve the Naturalist girl.  She is always packed for a woodland adventure.



She has a little shoulder bag and a wee pocket on her dress for collecting treasures,



and, what!  She’s crocheted?  Yes, I have crossed over to the crochet side.  I am no longer knitting (not currently) and in love with the freeform versatility of crochet.


Neve has little ears reminiscent of a forest creature, and a crown of braids.


Sky gazing is an important past time!

While I might grieve some of my past supporters by no longer offering knitting patterns, I am happy to report that I am working on many crochet designs such as this.   There are many ideas in the works.  Stay tuned for updates (I think I mean it this time).




October, 4 years ago


4 years ago today, we were married.

That was awesome, in that we had a no-stress wedding with 5 guests at a church.  My dress was $4 at a thrift store, and the ceremony was done by our pastor who had been a friend of the family since before Mark was born.  It was simple, no frills, and I will never regret that.

But let’s commemorate something else– 7 days before the wedding.

We had driven up to Roan Mountain on a whim.  As we neared the top, great gusts of wind sent swirling snow all across the road.  It was October 17th.  There had been a slight chill in the air in the valley, but this was a surprise.  We had stepped into Wonderland.


We started down the path, and the trees were thick with icy snow.  We were nowhere near appropriately dressed!


Mark munched on a conifer.



Oh, it was cold.


The wind had blown the trees into hard frozen sculptures.






This almost looks like a different day, but was the same trip.


I love you, Honey.  This day was special for us both and every day has been Wonderland since!  Of course, that means some days I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole and such… but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Happy Anniversary.

Holy Twitchin’ Noses, Batman!


This is Pheebs.  He has been with us for a few weeks now, and Holy Twitchin’ Noses, Batman!  I’m so in love.

I first heard about house rabbits about 10 years ago, and it was such a magical idea to me– having a rabbit companion.  I encourage those reading to properly educate yourselves about rabbits.  They make wonderful, precious mates.



I know, because I’m Pheebs’ chosen female.  In A House Rabbit Primer, Lucile C. Moore says that rabbits can recognize gender in humans, and a male rabbit will show strong preference for females.  He is too young to neuter still, so he runs nose first into puberty, circling my feet and leaving little territorial poops all around me.  Normally impeccably litter trained, he is telling me, “You are MY WOMAN!”



And he knows I’m a sucker for it.


So I build him little cardboard villages, with toilet paper rolls full of kale pushed into holes in the sides.  I put little matchsticks of carrots randomly in tiny holes along the sides.  Thanks for the idea, Binky Bunny!


His cage door is open for about 12-16 hours a day, but sometimes he crawls back in by choice, exhausted by too much happiness.  Happy feet and all, stretched straight out behind him like a plank.



I’ve also been spending more time with the piggies, improving their quality of life.  The little girl above was a shelter rescue I got just last Monday.  I cut a huge dreadlock out of her very long fur, and have given her a pretty ginormous pen to run around in– but she is staying in her kitchen/litter area all the time.  Patience, patience.  Today she wheek-wheek-wheeked at me while I was preparing her food.  So we’re getting somewhere.



The goal is to get her spayed, and handsome Binx (above) neutered so they can be superfriends.  Binx is about 2 years old, and he’s another face I can’t resist.  Could you?

Something worth waiting for

I’m in the waiting room.  Making an art form out of wasting time.  So I have spent a lot of time inside. I went out birding last night and remembered why I do that.  After about an hour had passed by, which felt like 5 minutes, I realized I can’t think about anything else at all while I am birding.  Everything is dissolved into the atmosphere as I sit and watch.  Or stalk a hawk.  Or squeal over a chickadee.  But even when I’m just sitting there waiting on a bird to show, I am completely in the moment. I think we all need moments like this.


Tonight my husband and I got some coffee and went back to the river.  I didn’t see many birds.  A Great Blue Heron came flying downstream, loudly squonk, squonk, squonk-ing.  I saw and heard goldfinches– they are becoming my yellow bird of happiness.  Just a little whisper from the Divine to remember my joy.  But the search cleansed me, and the waiting gave me something to wait for besides whatever life is going to throw us next. I became enchanted with the cute little snail above.  He was bean-sized and so detailed it pained me.  I found him in the water thinking he was a fishing sinker. turtleshell

Then as we were leaving, I saw this little guy about to cross the road.  I nudged him, and sure enough, he was alive.  How beautiful are those patterns?  I picked him up and he hissed so quietly I thought I was imagining things.


Then I saw his little face and I almost involuntarily kissed him on his little nose!  We were good stewards and moved him away from the road, returning him back to where he belongs.  It was tempting to think about taking him home to show the kids, but he seemed scared and that’s just not nice anyway. On the way home, I am pretty sure we saw an Osprey flying over Boone Lake.  It would be a life bird for me, but as I was driving over the bridge, I didn’t get the best look.  It had a huge wingspan though, with its almost unmistakable wing shape.  I am hearing tell of them being in the area, as well as Bald Eagles.

I am so excited to think about all the things I have yet to discover.



Learned how to fishtail braid today.  Here my squirmy 2 year old models.


We managed to get away to the river this evening just at the right time.


And it made us pretty happy in all our blood cells.

Much to my elation, a flock of Cedar Waxwings descended and chased bugs around everywhere.  It’s perhaps my favorite bird.  Certainly my hook into birding.


This is the only picture the waxwings granted me.   It looks headless!



Of course, I kept my camera on this shot hoping they’d land on THAT branch.  Wouldn’t that have been epic!


I will believe


Saw this heron guy early this morning while driving by a pool, got out like a crazy person to take picture!

My days are filled with lots of bird encounters like the one above.  Used to, I’d call them “Majestic Bird Moments”.  Now they seem to happen all the time.  They are just finding me everywhere.  I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk over this same pool not long ago.  In fact, not many days go by that I don’t see some sort of raptor.  Goldfinches are everywhere, singing their happy song while bouncing on their invisible sky trampoline. 

I get to hang out with this small girl every day:


Can we say, serious bedhead?

So in spite of all the anxious things I could choose to focus on, I instead choose to keep trusting God to pull me through.  Even when there is no reason to believe, I will believe.

Lots of Love! (from y’all)

I signed onto Ravelry tonight for the first time in 3… maybe 5 (?) years and was floored to see all the messages I had gotten!  I have had a lot of questions about my patterns that I have obviously not answered.

105 people have made my Middle Sized Monster pattern.

87 people have made my Original Monster pattern.

There was a lot of love for my curlers, and I felt like a rock star.  Thanks, y’all.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around to answer questions.  I am not knitting much lately, not sure why, but I still make things, play music.  The internet just kinda creeped me out for a little while.  (This is why I deleted my Facebook and MySpace accounts.)  Life is requiring me to get online these days and so I will try to be here now.


I’ve made some new friends now.  

I miss blogging and I miss having buddies (ones that aren’t feathered, although the birds keep me in the glow of life that I have come to depend on).

Sort of around after hiatus

How to capture the events of the last two years in a single blog entry?

I’ll give it a shot.

I got hitched to a wonderful man, Mark, who is a true companion to me every day of my life.

I am nearly 8 months pregnant with my third child, a little girl named Lucy. We are very excited about her and I can’t stop thinking about making baby things!

I went through a life changing spiritual conversion in ’09 from making up my own ideas about God to falling head over heels (there’s no way this could surprise any of you more than it did me) for Christ.

I’m still much the same as I was but I have more grounding. I have found a Rock that I have been searching for my entire life, a source of stability that I have never ever known. I’m no Fundamentalist and not even a Literalist– but for all my questioning that I still do, I no longer question the divinity of Christ. The unending and unconditional love that I have found is something that I cannot deny.

So don’t be scared! Don’t watch your language around me and don’t think I’m internally judging you, because I’m not. I’ve not gone weird (or weirder) I’ve just been healed.

I’m still making things but haven’t posted them in ages, because of my hiatus from the internet. The hiatus has been good for me and has given me some breathing room. I crocheted Rowan a backpack that has made her the envy of her school.

I’ve been playing music, mainly at the nursing home that I was working at for the past year. I quit last month, and am now taking it easy while I get through the misery stage of pregnancy. It’s lovely to be a stay at home mom again.

I am using a little netbook thing that picks up WiFi around me, so my internet is in and out. But I will try to pick up the blogging torch again. It’s something I seriously miss.