Performing again

My friends are awesome.

I played Originals Night at the Acoustic Coffeehouse last night. I sent an email to my fabulous homeschool group about it, and I figured I’d have maybe a couple of people there. But 5 of my friends from the group showed, some with their husbands, some with their childrens. That averages out to a lot of people. I should have counted the heads. And my friends Daniel and Christina that I got to know during my college days were there as well.

I didn’t go on until about 3 hours after I got there. I played my five old songs and my new token angry breakup song. The enthusiasm! Ah! I felt so loved. I was so happy to see people actually singing along to my songs. That was wild. My friends thunder clapped for me and I thought the building would fall down. But also some people that I’d never even seen before were coming up to me and saying, “That was AWESOME!” with lots of emphasis.

It’s all been very inspiring to play again. That was the first time I’d performed in a public place in 3 years (besides at La’s house!). I was quite freaked as I had a pretty horrid cold. I resorted to the dreaded Dayquil which relieved my symptoms just in time. I remember now how much I love performing. I wasn’t nervous at all once I’d gotten up there (and after a beer or two, natch). It felt very natural. And talking into the microphone is no longer a crazy desperate fear of mine.

Of course, the lack of nervousness could have been due to my amazing group of friends. I love these people. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t be me around them. I’ve always felt so at ease, understood, and like I belonged. And it could have had something to do with the place, as I went to the Acoustic Coffeehouse every day when I was in college. We’ll see in upcoming gigs. And there will be more of them.

Rowan showed up with her grandma right before I went on. After every song she was coming up to me and giving me a hug and kiss and saying, “That’s my mommy!” I love that little tree :*)


6 thoughts on “Performing again

  1. I really enjoyed reading that post.;-)

    It sounds as though you are in a really good place in your life.How wonderful to be supported by such lovely people.
    Well done and here’s to many more performances. xx

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