Monday was fun.

I met my friend Ariel’s sister Kara on Monday at my dad’s house, to trade off on yarny lessons– she gave me crochet lessons while I taught her the basic knit, purl, cast on, bind off stuffs.

I think I’m getting the hang of crochet. I started this on Monday night:

I made a hat! Crocheting in the round, no less. (I would have thought you were crazy if you’d told me Monday I’d be starting this in just a few hours.) I used this pattern for guidance. I had to rip back quite a few times, and found that wow, that’s easier with crochet. You can’t drop stitches down the entire rung, just one stitch back. Sweet.

It’s mostly various worsted wool from my stash– with a stripe of fuzzy Moda Dea Wild. The top is MORE of that Paton’s Classic Wool, color Too Teal, that I had a gajillion balls of.

I’m quite enchanted with crochet. My children sort of suffered for it yesterday, until I got this hat done. Then I did about 4 days worth of dishes and the Boo Bear crashed out, so I started working on some tiny knit dolls for Rowan. I’m using a basic body pattern and she’s making me knit dresses and such. I think I’ll make three or four, then I’m going to make some gnomes for Boo Bear (only with faces) which are easy enough that a monkey could make them.

I think I’m just going to work on more toys for the kiddos for awhile. Oh, and now that I can crochet, there’s this gnome home!

Imma go wear my hat around for awhile.


The Hazardous Scarf

Jeez, have I really been gone since January 10?

I guess so. Well, I’ve undertaken a project for my friend Professor Hazard:

…and it’s going a little slower than I’d originally hoped. It is going to be extra sweet, so there’s that.

The stitch pattern is Diagonal Slip Stitch Pattern from a Vogue Knitting Stitch book, which my poor ass happened to find in this sock pattern from MagKnits.

Here’s a detail:

I had wanted it to look more like this. But I think it’s pretty nice the way it is. Hopefully he will like it and stuff. I cast on 68 stitches on US size 7 needles– 16 inch circulars. I’m using four balls of Wool-Ease. (I know, I must have lost my mind. I’m halfway through ball 3.) It’s a long tube, then my required task is to sew up the ends, attach yellow and black fringe, and attach a logo much like the insignia badge from the Prof’s shop. In a pleasing manner.