She’s stylin’

I get Rowan back today and I’m going to meet her by shoving this in her face:

She turned out pretty good considering that I made her up as I went along and my calculations proved to be a bit wonky. Everything I knit ends up wonky these days. If it weren’t for the extra character it adds I think I’d go crazy. You can also see the stuffing poking through in a few places– like right at the neck– and I guess that’s due to the fact that I used size 6 needles with worsted weight yarn, and I usually use size 3’s. Always dpn’s. Her skirt, I’m not sure about…. I don’t know if I like it. It’s some rainbow stripey yarn that was my Mamaw’s. Maybe I should have gone plainer.

Her eyes are buttons with pieces of felt in the middle. I had to redo the mouth a few times because I suck at embroidery. But she has that Roosevelt Franklin look now, sort of.

I brightened this one up a lot so you can see how the hair is mostly one knitted piece, except for the pigtails.

I hope Ro Ro likes this. I’m starting to think that this is sort of a waste of time. Yeah, it’s freakin fun, but it does take awhile. This little one has taken me two days. And I’ve not done any housework in those two days. But I can’t help it… it makes me happy. So maybe it’s not a waste of time.


I finished something I started! Yippeee!

I made this shawl for my best friend, April. She just lost her grandmother, and they were pretty tight, so she’s not been doing so well. I wanted it to look like one of those things that little old ladies have on the back of their couches (You might say, “Yeah, it’s called an afghan.” I didn’t have that much yarn or that much time hehe) It’s meant to be a comforting sort of thing. Just something to drape across her shoulders if she gets sad or lonely– or chilly!

Pattern notes: The yarn is some stuff I had in my stash, Red Heart Soft Yarn. (I’m a little worried about how it’s going to hold up, since it was some Walmart yarn. I had this much left over from making the kids Easter bunnies. But I’m stash busting, and I had to use it or I’d perish from the guilt.) I used a garter stitch chevron pattern I found on this page, but winged it from there. I finished the knitting on it about 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been putting off weaving in ends for that long! It’s 43×13 inches.
Various worsted weight yarns from your stash
size US 9 needles, circulars work well, I used the blanket needles with the big long cables attached.
tapestry needle

CO 199 sts.
Work in garter stitch chevron as follows:
Row 1: k1, ssk, k8, m1, k1, m1, (k8, ssk, k1, k2tog, k8, m1, k1, m1) rep to last 11sts, k8, k2tog, k1.
Row 2: k to end
work 8 rows each color, until it is 13 inches long or until you run out of yarn!

yarn tragedy

So my washer has a soak cycle. I figure, I’ll put all this recycled yarn in the washer, it will fill up with water, soak for 20 minutes, then the water will slowly drain out. Right?


No, no, no. ::clawing out eyes::

I went to check on it after a few minutes and the goddamn washer is agitating. The yarn looks like a 20 year old tangled mop. The hanks aren’t even separated anymore, they’re stuck to each other. Completely entangled with no hope of EVER straightening out.

Oh my God. The pain. The beautiful lovely yummy softness, all garbage now.

I am such a freakin stupid stupid person.

Adventures in Recycling

I’ve spent the last two nights unraveling a store bought sweater. It was a Land’s End “Drifter” sweater, 100% cotton, that gave me armpit webbing. Here’s a shot of my progress as of a few hours ago.

I used part of an old folding tv tray that had been disassembled for the hank winder. I just walked around the house for awhile until I found something that would work. The cassette is shown for scale. I have 6 of those hanks now, full of cottony goodness.

I am going to make some summer tops out of this stuff, because I need some thin cotton that is wearable in hot weather. The recycled yarn will be getting a bath soon to work out all the kinks, and when it dries I’m going to start on one of these.

It also makes a lovely crown.

Here’s some of what I do

I thought I’d post some highlights from my Flickr page. I’ve self-published a couple of patterns to Livejournal and such, but I was hoping they would find a less chaotic home here.

My sneaky Furryness! monster. Pattern can be found here, for the time being. (Let me know if the link stops working. We haven’t paid the bill for that webspace.) Also, check out the Monster Knitalong

This was my dad’s birthday present. I made him up as I went along, but was thinking ahead enough to take notes. So this pattern can be found here.

A couple more things that aren’t available as patterns yet:

First post

I wanted to put some of my original knitting patterns somewhere a bit more organized than my LiveJournal. So I’m starting a craft blog. Before long, I’ll have a few patterns listed for your knitting pleasure.

I’m a stay-at-home mom for the time being, and I go a little stir-crazy. Being domestic does not come easy for me. I have all these worlds in my head that keep me distracted. I find myself frozen in front of the window, looking out at the mountain that separates me from my extended family.

But sometimes, I am able to pull my concentration together, and end up with a knitted opossum.

I haven’t given up hope that I’ll get rid of this stupid block that keeps me from writing songs.