Middle-Sized Monster Pattern

This is a very similar modification of the Furryness pattern. The body has the same increases and decreases, but with a bunch of extra rows thrown in for good measure. The arms and legs are slightly different– but the deedlybobs are very much improved with just a simple tweak. They are certainly easier to do and seem much more stout.

Pattern Notes: This model is made with worsted on size US 3 needles.

I made one (without taking notes, of course) with Homespun on size 6’s. On the parts where there are some 8 rows without increases or decreases, you may omit 2 or so, to make it to this same scale. Experiment with different spots to do the inc’s and dec’s, you can make something really skinny and tall, or short and squat.

You may find that the gauge is too tight. Use a gauge that is comfortable to you, but make sure it is tight enough so that the stuffing doesn’t show through.

kfb= increase by knitting into the front and back of same stitch.


This version made with Paton’s Classic Wool (Too Teal) — any worsted should do.
Knobbles done in Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton… Sugar and Cream will work, but I am in love with Lion’s cotton. It doesn’t pill like cheaper versions.
US size 3 double-point needles, set of 4. I strongly recommend aluminum needles. Bamboo needles have a tendency to warp with the tight gauge, and the friction is terrible.
Felt circles, needle, and thread for the eye.
Small amount of yarn or embroidery for the mouth/teeth.

Body & Head (starting at the butt)

CO 6 sts. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.
Rd 1: Kfb each stitch. (12 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: Kfb each stitch. (24 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: [kfb, k1] 3 times, kfb, k2, [kfb, k1] 5 times, kfb, k4. (34 sts)
Rd 6: k all sts.
Rd 7: [kfb, k2] 3 times, kfb, k4, [kfb, k2] 5 times, kfb, k4. (44 sts)
Rds 8, 9, 10: k all sts.
Rd 11: [kfb, k3] 3 times, kfb, k6, [kfb, k3] 4 times, kfb, k8. (53 sts)
Rds 12, 13, 14: k all sts.
Rd 15: [ kfb, k4] 3 times, kfb, k8, [kfb, k4] 4 times, kfb, k8. (62 sts)
Rd 16, 17: k all sts.
Rd 18: [ssk, k4] 3 times, ssk, k8, [k2tog, k4] 4 times, k2tog, k8. (53 sts)
Rd 19: k all sts.
Rd 20: [ssk, k3] 3 times, ssk, k6, [k2tog, k3] 4 times, k2tog, k8. (44 sts)
Rds 21, 22, 23: k all sts.
Rd 24: [ssk, k2] 3 times, ssk, k4, [k2tog, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k8. ( 35 sts)
Rds 25-35: k all sts.
Rd 36: [ssk, k1] 3 times, ssk, k2, [k2tog, k1] 5 times, k2tog, k2tog, k3. (24 sts)
Rds 37-41: k all sts. Stuff body firmly.
Rd 42: ssk 4 times, k2, k2tog 4 times, k6. (16 sts)
Rds 43,44: k all sts.
Rd 45: [kfb, k1] around. (24 sts)
Rd 46: k all sts. It helps to divide sts evenly again at this point.
Rd 47: [kfb, k2] around. (32 sts)
Rds 48,49: k all sts.
Rd 50: [kfb, k3] 6 times, kfb, k7. (39 sts)
Rds 51-58: k all sts.
Rd 59: [ssk, k3] 3 times, [k2tog, k3] 3 times, k2tog, k7. (32 sts)
Rds 60-62: k all sts.
Rd 63: [ssk, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k4, [k2tog, k2] 2 times, k2tog. (24 sts)
Rd 64: k all sts.
Rd 65: [ssk, k1] 4 times, [k2tog, k1] 4 times. (16 sts.) Stuff head firmly.
Rd 66: k all sts.
Rd 67: [k2tog, k2] around. (12 sts)
Rd 68: k all sts.
Rd 69: k2tog around. [6 sts]
Break yarn, pull through remaining sts.
The front of the monster is the last few sts on the needle, where you are knitting a panel of 8 or so sts. This panel is the tummy.


CO 9 sts, join in the round.
K 2 inches.
Then (Rd 1): k1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (11 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: k1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (13 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: k1, k2tog, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. (11 sts)
Rds 6, 7: k all sts.
Rd 8: k2tog, 3 times, k1, k2tog twice. (6 sts)
Break yarn, pull through remaining sts.


CO 12 sts, join in round.
K 3 inches.
Then: (Rd 1): k1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (14 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: k1, kfb twice, k to last 3 sts, kfb twice, k1. (18 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: K 1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (20 sts)
K 4 more rnds.
The middle of the foot runs between the first and last needle.
I somehow managed to pull off turning the foot inside out and doing a three needle bind off.
You may want to BO all sts and seam the bottom of the foot closed.
Or maybe you know some fancy grafting tricks. If so, use those mad skills of yours.

(and yes, I am aware of how pervy this sounds to my UK friends)

CO 6 sts with kitchen cotton, leaving a tail long enough to sew onto head. Join in the round.
k 9 rnds.
Next row: [k1, kfb] 3 times. (9 sts)
k 1 rd.
Then: kfb each st. (18 sts)
Bo all sts.


Stuff hands and feet firmly.
Sew arms and legs onto body by catching a little v on the arm and connecting it to a v on the body. Jess Hutch, my hero, describes this much better than me; illustrated here.

As with any of my patterns, if you run into any issues, contact me by comment or by email(rupestur AT yahoo DOT com). I’d also like pictures of your monsters. Don’t forget about the monster knitalong (link in sidebar there), it may be laying a bit low for the time being but you are still very much welcome to post there. If you don’t have a LiveJournal account, email me your pictures and I can post them.

Legal blah–If you want to sell these for charity, go ahead, but I’d be much obliged if you didn’t sell them online or try to take credit.


12 thoughts on “Middle-Sized Monster Pattern

  1. My daughter wants me to knit a “goon” to go with her “Little Bunny Foo Foo”, so I think I’ll give Abigail a try! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us!!!!

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