I will believe


Saw this heron guy early this morning while driving by a pool, got out like a crazy person to take picture!

My days are filled with lots of bird encounters like the one above.  Used to, I’d call them “Majestic Bird Moments”.  Now they seem to happen all the time.  They are just finding me everywhere.  I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk over this same pool not long ago.  In fact, not many days go by that I don’t see some sort of raptor.  Goldfinches are everywhere, singing their happy song while bouncing on their invisible sky trampoline. 

I get to hang out with this small girl every day:


Can we say, serious bedhead?

So in spite of all the anxious things I could choose to focus on, I instead choose to keep trusting God to pull me through.  Even when there is no reason to believe, I will believe.


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