Holy Twitchin’ Noses, Batman!


This is Pheebs.  He has been with us for a few weeks now, and Holy Twitchin’ Noses, Batman!  I’m so in love.

I first heard about house rabbits about 10 years ago, and it was such a magical idea to me– having a rabbit companion.  I encourage those reading to properly educate yourselves about rabbits.  They make wonderful, precious mates.



I know, because I’m Pheebs’ chosen female.  In A House Rabbit Primer, Lucile C. Moore says that rabbits can recognize gender in humans, and a male rabbit will show strong preference for females.  He is too young to neuter still, so he runs nose first into puberty, circling my feet and leaving little territorial poops all around me.  Normally impeccably litter trained, he is telling me, “You are MY WOMAN!”



And he knows I’m a sucker for it.


So I build him little cardboard villages, with toilet paper rolls full of kale pushed into holes in the sides.  I put little matchsticks of carrots randomly in tiny holes along the sides.  Thanks for the idea, Binky Bunny!


His cage door is open for about 12-16 hours a day, but sometimes he crawls back in by choice, exhausted by too much happiness.  Happy feet and all, stretched straight out behind him like a plank.



I’ve also been spending more time with the piggies, improving their quality of life.  The little girl above was a shelter rescue I got just last Monday.  I cut a huge dreadlock out of her very long fur, and have given her a pretty ginormous pen to run around in– but she is staying in her kitchen/litter area all the time.  Patience, patience.  Today she wheek-wheek-wheeked at me while I was preparing her food.  So we’re getting somewhere.



The goal is to get her spayed, and handsome Binx (above) neutered so they can be superfriends.  Binx is about 2 years old, and he’s another face I can’t resist.  Could you?


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