Monster Recipe

I thought I’d go ahead and post the monster pattern here, so you guys don’t have to go through the Knitalong to find it. If you make one, all I ask is that you don’t sell them online (charity stuff is fine) and that you send me a picture of the final product, or post it to the KAL. I love to see what people are doing with my patterns.

As always, if you have any problems, email me at rupestur AT yahoo DOT com.


By Heather Rupe

This monster really likes to hang out near people who are knitting. I swear, every time I turn around he is sitting in my chair right beside me, watching me work. Silly monster. He would be a great companion for a kid as well, although babies like to taste him and he’s simply not into that sort of thing.

• 1 skein Moda Dea Wild! (100% nylon, color Flames, 50g, 1.75 oz, 103 yd)
• 1 skein worsted weight acrylic, random cheapo size (or wool, or whatever, I used some Bright! Pink! that just happened to be in my stash, red or orange would work as well)
• Knobbles made with small amount of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Orange.
• Yarn or embroidery floss for mouth/teeth
• Blunt end tapestry needle
• Two felt circles, one the size of a quarter in desired eye color, one black piece the size of a Cheerio
• Needle and thread for eye
• Poly fiberfill
• Stitch marker and row counter (optional)
• Sizes 3 and 7 double pointed needles, set of 4 each.

Pattern notes:

Kfb= increase by knitting into front of stitch, then into back of same stitch.

A note about gauge: In this project, the goal is to get a tightly knitted fabric, tight enough that the stuffing won’t show through. Gauge isn’t really that important here. But if you start and your stitches are too tight to even work with, you may need to go up a couple of needle sizes.

The front of the monster is the last needle before you get to your marker.

Also, parts of this pattern may seem to defy logic, but it works. At least, I hope it works, so if it doesn’t work for you, please come bitch on my shoulder. I’ll help you figure it out.

Body & Head (starting at the butt):

CO 6 sts (rather loosely) holding Moda Dea and worsted weight acrylic together on larger needles. Divide evenly onto needles and join in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker.

Rd 1: Kfb each stitch. (12 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: Kfb each stitch. (24 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: [kfb, k1] 3 times, kfb, k2, [kfb, k1] 5 times, kfb, k4. (34 sts)
Rd 6: k all sts.
Rd 7: [kfb, k2] 3 times, kfb, k4, [kfb, k2] 5 times, kfb, k4. (44 sts)
Rds 8, 9, 10: k all sts.
Rd 11: [kfb, k3] 3 times, kfb, k6, [kfb, k3] 4 times, kfb, k8. (53 sts)
Rds 12, 13, 14: k all sts.
Rd 15: [ kfb, k4] 3 times, kfb, k8, [kfb, k4] 4 times, kfb, k8. (62 sts)
Rd 16, 17: k all sts.
Rd 18: [ssk, k4] 3 times, ssk, k8, [k2tog, k4] 4 times, k2tog, k8. (53 sts)
Rd 19: k all sts.
Rd 20: [ssk, k3] 3 times, ssk, k6, [k2tog, k3] 4 times, k2tog, k8. (44 sts)
Rds 21, 22, 23: k all sts.
Rd 24: [ssk, k2] 3 times, ssk, k4, [k2tog, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k8. ( 35 sts)
Rds 25, 26, 27, 28: k all sts.
Rd 29: [ssk, k1] 3 times, ssk, k2, [k2tog, k1] 5 times, k2tog, k2tog, k3. (24 sts)
Rds 30, 31, 32: k all sts. Stuff body firmly.
Rd 33: ssk 4 times, k2, k2tog 4 times, k6. (16 sts)
Rds 34, 35: k all sts.
Rd 36: [kfb, k1] around. (24 sts)
Rd 37: k all sts. It helps to divide sts evenly again at this point.
Rd 38: [kfb, k2] around. (32 sts)
Rds 39, 40: k all sts.
Rd 41: [kfb, k3] 6 times, kfb, k7. (39 sts)
Rds 42, 43, 44, 45: k all sts.
Rd 46: [ssk, k3] 3 times, [k2tog, k3] 3 times, k2tog, k7. (32 sts)
Rds 47, 48, 49: k all sts.
Rd 50: [ssk, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k4, [k2tog, k2] 2 times, k2tog. (24 sts)
Rd 51: k all sts.
Rd 52: [ssk, k1] 4 times, [k2tog, k1] 4 times. (16 sts.) Stuff head firmly.
Rd 53: k all sts.
Rd 54: [k2tog, k2] around. (12 sts)
Rd 55: k all sts.
Rd 56: k2tog around. [6 sts]
Break yarn, pull through remaining stitches. Weave in ends. It’s okay to tie a knot, you don’t want the creature falling apart. Set him/her down on a flat surface, pretend it’s Play Doh, and mold and squeeze until you get an ideal shape, making the bottom sit flat. The Moda Dea seems to be furrier on the inside, maybe it’s just how I knit or something, but I like to take a soft bristle brush (like a baby brush) and gently brush the fur out.


CO 12 sts with smaller needles, Moda Dea only. Divide evenly and join in the round.
Work for 2 ¾ inches without stretching to measure.

Then: Join acrylic to Moda Dea, hold together and knit 1 row, changing to larger needles as you go. (Let’s call this Rd 1.)
Rd 2: kfb, k5, kfb, k5. (14 sts)
Rd 3: k all sts.
Rd 4 kfb, k6, kfb, k6 (16 sts)
K 4 more rounds
You have two options for finishing hand:
I turn the arm inside out very carefully, divide sts evenly onto 2 double points, and do a 3 needle bind off. This is easier than you think, and if you have made it this far you shouldn’t be afraid! But you can certainly BO all sts and sew up the end.


CO 14 sts with smaller needles, Moda Dea only. Divide evenly and join in the round.
K 3 ¼ inches without stretching to measure.

Then: Join acrylic to Moda Dea, hold together and knit 1 row, changing to larger needles as you go. Lucky you, you’re to the best part, the FEET!(Rd 1)
Rd 2: k1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (16 sts)
Rd 3: k all sts.
Rd 4: k1, kfb, kfb, k to last 3 sts, kfb, kfb, k1. (20 sts)
Rd 5: k all sts.
Rd 6: k1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1. (22 sts)
K 4 more rounds.
BO in same way as arms.


CO 6 sts with worsted or light worsted, leaving a tail long enough to sew onto head. Divide evenly onto smaller needles and join in the round, being careful not to twist.
K 9 rounds.
Next row: [k1, kfb] 3 times. (9 sts)
K one row.
Bind Off by: k1, m1, BO 1, [k1, BO1, m1, BO1 etc. around.] This makes the ends fluted.

Finishing: Stuff hands and feet firmly. You can stuff the arms and legs as well but I leave them empty, it makes them irresistibly floppy. Weave in the ends, make knots or whatever you have to do to ensure that he won’t fall apart. I recommend using the cheapo acrylic to sew him together, the Moda Dea isn’t nearly as strong. He may have some visible seams but that adds to his soul. Sew the black felt onto the eye color felt, then sew onto head. Embroider mouth and teeth.


9 thoughts on “Monster Recipe

  1. I LOVE this pattern! I’ve made 2 for my youngest son-one green/white/yellow from some Yarn Bee Lambie Pie yarn and a purple/orange/red one from some Jiffy and eyelash type yarn I had sitting around. He loves his “Guys” (I didn’t know what else to call them) I’m hoping to post pics of both of them on my website soon. I really want to make your fox too. THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR PATTERNS!

  2. Thank you so very much for posting these patterns. I was out ill & made a family of monsters for myself. Since then, I have made countless more that are now living all over the world. Everyone that sees them falls instantly in love with them.
    Thank you for helping me bring happiness to other people! This pattern rocks!!

  3. thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

    I made one of your mosters for a friends daughter. He turned out so cute, that I think I may have to make another for myself.

    Excellent instructions, and a very fun project.

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