Surprise party for Jess

I’m lifting my friends’ pictures here because I don’t own my own camera right now.

photo by Beth

This is the first crafty thing I’ve made pretty much all summer, I think. Above, the banner. It’s knitted. 32 triangles. Approximately 16 feet long. I made it for my friend Jess, she had a surprise birthday/camping party this week, which was much fun. Pattern here, except I did it all in garter stitch and sewed it together with bias tape. I thought it was a cool present because she can reuse it for festive occasions.

photo by Beth

Alas, I’m not able to tell of the awesomeness of the party in words. At the moment my brain is weary, my heart is heavy. Things are sour in my life, apart from this group of friends I have made. So, mostly pictures will have to do.

photo by Ren

I love these people. Dairbhre was very bored and wanted to play with the hammer, so Ren gave him some ice to crush. He was quite entertained.

photo by Ren

And I sang my songs around the campfire. (Notice the banner in the background!) My friends are so encouraging, they were singing along. I have awesome fan/friends.


3 thoughts on “Surprise party for Jess

  1. concerning the sour — I don’t know if you have read Tom Robbins (my personal favorite author), but in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, at the end there is a parable about what several people do when they drink a glass of vinegar. Confucius says, “Sour.” Buddha says, “Bitter.” Jesus that he will drink it all to save anyone else from having to drink it. Well, our main characters in the story drink it and smile and say, “Sweet!”

    I always think, when life gives you vinegar, make pickles.

  2. oh man, i just saw that ren posted about the party too. now i’ve got to get on it!! it’s been a full summer and we’ve done so much fun stuff to tell about, i’ll never catch up blogging.

    i’m glad that you are a part of my little world!! you always make me smile!

    you know what i think?? i think that last night, we made some pickles baby!!!

  3. Thank you for taking time out to knit the banner. It was beautiful at Aleah and Tyler’s party, too. What a gift of your time and talents. I love the colors together. The band came over to record together and Rob put it up in the studio space to give it a little more liveliness. I am sorry for the crap your wading in right now, I hope it resolves for you and your family. It is hard to live in conflict and uncertainty and I wish for you and the children to have peace. Love, Jessica

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