Quite a refreshing stash buster

My new project. What the hell, you ask?

Knitted tampons, perhaps? Cannibas? Pod people?

No way! Curlers!

I hope you guys appreciate this– it’s not every day I decide to model curlers for the world.

These are great. They are snag-free and super light. You can make each one from a different yarn scrap. I also have this thing about going out and buying things made in China, so I avoid that. I just put my hair up in them rather messily because I was so excited that they were finished and wanted to share them with you guys!

This is more of an idea than a proper pattern– but I’m writing it up anyway.

Hair curlers


Yarn: This is meant to be a stash buster, so you can really use whatever yarn you have on hand. I have lots and lots of acrylic that I don’t know what to do with. So I’m using that. You can use wool or cotton– but I think acrylic is actually a good idea, because your hair will probably be a bit damp when you use them. Also, if you use any products, you will want to test for color fastness. I used some Homespun and some Red Heart Soft Yarn. If you use sport weight, you can double up strands.

Needles: I used size 7 double pointed needles, but I’m a crazy loose knitter. With the boucle or anything bulky you may want to go up a size if it’s too tight to work with. When you get to the middle you can knit that part on straights if need be, and just do a seam up the side.

You will also need a blunt end needle and some stuffing.

Note: kfb= increase by knitting into the front and back of a stitch.

CO 3 sts.
Work i-cord for 3 1/2 inches.
Kfb each st: 6 sts.
Divide sts evenly onto dpn’s and join in the round.
k 1 round/row.
(kfb, k1) around. 9 sts.
Work even for 2 1/2 inches.
Stuff lightly but evenly (or do this at the end if you are using straight needles)
(K2tog, k1) around: 6 sts.
K 1 row.
K2tog around– it helps to knit the rem 3 sts onto one needle.
Work i-cord for 4 more inches.
BO sts.

On the CO end (slightly shorter i-cord) make a big honkin knot. I do a slip-knot– wrapping the remaining half inch or so that sticks out around the base of the knot, and weaving the yarn tail through the knot to secure it.

Fold other end over one inch (or however much will fit over knot) and sew a loop down securely with yarn tail.

Make 8-10.

I think it would be really easy to modify the pattern to make the really giant rollers or even little bitty ones. Just increase (by kfb’ing every st in the round) until the size makes you happy.

Voila! Go get some stellar waves!


29 thoughts on “Quite a refreshing stash buster

  1. what did you stuff with? just regular polyfil or the like?

    you look so awesomely cute with those things on your head.

  2. I tried your pattern for the curlers and it was fantastic I have made a set for my daughter to take to take to university in September and she is so pleased with them thank you for a brilliant pattern such a good idea I am cross I didn’t think of it myself well done

  3. how totally cool! wow. my first thought was okra. i love knitted food. i suspected you were on your way to a pot full of knitted gumbo!

  4. I’m mildly suprised no one has asked this, maybe they curl their hair more than i do. Do they work?

    I love the idea and the cuteness! Well done.

  5. OK, now i’ve found the other blog post on these via Ravelry i have my answer! Cool. I was thinking. If you did use wool or cotton they might actually work better as these fivres absorb water. Wool even ‘wick’s it away – ie the waer spreads out over/along the fibre so it dries quicker. I dunno! I’ll try making some wool ones and see.

  6. Gah! These are awesome! I was just talking about those horrid hard plastic pink wrapped in foam that I had to sleep in when I was a kid. These are way, way better, and make me want to play around with curling my hair again!

  7. These are great! I just knitted one and teased friends and family for ages going ‘can you guess what it is yet?’

    Got some fab suggestions, but they work just perfect as curlers. Thanks!!

  8. Oh my god, these are freaking brilliant! I’m actually going to try these- I bet you could sleep in them, they look so comfy!

    – Julie

  9. Very creative and ingenious 🙂 Should have had these when I was a little girl. I remember vividly sleeping with hard plastic curlers!
    Thanks for the sharing your pattern 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

  10. I. Love. You.

    I have been looking for a set of curlers like this EVERYWHERE and now, here you are with a pattern that is not only easy and fast, but it also consumes stash. Unwanted acrylic stash.


  11. This is a fantastic idea. I can see a gift basket for someone with a spa cloth ,scrubby and curlers. What a blast these are.

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