Leela rules. And so does Becky.

A lot of my holiday projects fell through or were lackluster. But I think my present to Rowan sort of makes up for that!

We are Futurama crazy around here. I made her a doll based on the flashback sequences in a couple of the episodes of Leela as a kid.

She is completely improvised. The increases and decreases are very similar to my usual ones but I think I may have found a way to improve this batch. I’m thinking of using her as a model for a pattern that would be worthy for sale. And hey, I learned the kitchener stitch for closing up the bottoms of the feet! It’s complicated and takes awhile but I’d rather do that than what I was doing– turning the leg inside out and doing a three-needle bind off. All in all, she took a lot longer than most of my toys do. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but… look at this little face!

The dress really reminds me of a few really horrible sweaterdresses I had as a child. But I just started knitting, and that’s how it turned out. Sort of nerdy-chic, or so I like to imagine.

Rowan loves her so much more than anything else I’ve ever made. I think I do too. (She just got a makeup kit from my mom for Christmas, which is why she’s all glittery and covered in stamps.)

I have been knitting my fingers off all month long. My pointer and middle fingers on my right hand are sort of curving oddly, and I think I’ve overdone the gift-making. I swear, I was just saying yesterday that I was going to take a really long knitting sabbatical. But then today, this came in the mail:

This is from my pal Becky, who loves a man in a kilt. (This proves she has good taste in itself.) She’s made lots of monsters from my patterns and sent me lots of monster yarn! Not only that, but she sent 2 skeins of amazing sock yarn (which I’ve actually never owned because I’m poor), 2 packs of notecards with a knitting theme, 3 books (Where the Sidewalk Ends, Animalia, Living the Creative Life), and this awesome sock monster guy that her daughter made:

His hat is removable and he wears it in good humor. I luff him BUNCHES.

So, I give Becky full credit for inspiring me to work on more designs.



I’m cleaned out. Sweet.

My Etsy shop has sold out!

I’m really excited that I’ve sold everything (there were only 3 items, but still, you know. I have feedback now.) This upcoming year, starting in January, I plan to do a lot more creatures for my shop. I just wanted to mention that if anyone wants me to do a custom order based on something I’ve posted here before, I would be glad to do that. Or if anyone just has any fabulous ideas for what you think might sell well based on what you’ve seen me do, that’d be great too! I can always use tips on how to get my name out there.