Lots of Love! (from y’all)

I signed onto Ravelry tonight for the first time in 3… maybe 5 (?) years and was floored to see all the messages I had gotten!  I have had a lot of questions about my patterns that I have obviously not answered.

105 people have made my Middle Sized Monster pattern.

87 people have made my Original Monster pattern.

There was a lot of love for my curlers, and I felt like a rock star.  Thanks, y’all.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around to answer questions.  I am not knitting much lately, not sure why, but I still make things, play music.  The internet just kinda creeped me out for a little while.  (This is why I deleted my Facebook and MySpace accounts.)  Life is requiring me to get online these days and so I will try to be here now.


I’ve made some new friends now.  

I miss blogging and I miss having buddies (ones that aren’t feathered, although the birds keep me in the glow of life that I have come to depend on).


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