Hand stitching is fun.

Meet Sari. She’s completely hand-stitched, so fun to embellish! It’s been awhile since I sat down to hand stitch anything. It’s something I really enjoy, so I may be doing loads of sewing here soon.

I’ve been wanting to make a cloth doll for a few weeks. I downloaded the The Black Apple Doll pattern, which is super easy and fast. I added the pigtails and pocket. Anyone could do this, even kids who are just starting out with sewing. It would be a great project to do with your little one! As for me, I can’t wait to draft my own cloth doll patterns.

Last night was another sleepless night. Another night spent staring at the ceiling until 6:00am. It had a lot to do with D waking up in the middle of the night ready to Par-tayyyy down– but also because I had so many creative ideas running around in my brain! I wanted so badly to get up and start making, but I knew I needed rest. I’m so inspired lately that I have projects lined up all the time. I will be sharing those. It’s so nice to be passionate about something– that’s what I tell myself when my artistic side threatens to turn into a mental illness!

I’ve been super inspired and excited by Amanda Soule’s blog. Wow. Her book is now on my top-five-things-to-buy-when-I-have-money list.


One thought on “Hand stitching is fun.

  1. Thanks for the link to the doll patern,I think Emily will love this . I have great sympathy with you about the creative ideas,at the moment my mind is in a swirl with all the ideas I have for the garden and veg plot .Gotta get your sleep though ;-)) xx

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