Sew! Ro Ro! Go!

Ro Ro made this little fishy pillow last night. Isn’t it darling? It’s only 2.5 x 3.5 inches. She drew on the design with permanent markers, and I showed her how to stitch up the sides. I’m so proud!

We went to our homeschool group meeting yesterday. It was Show your skill/show and tell day. There was some fiddle playing, ballet, and lots of nice art. (Ro didn’t want to take anything.) There were also these two sisters, about 8 and 10 I think, who did a knitting demonstration. The 8 year old taught me how to do a buttonhole! I was flabbergasted. And she didn’t find it in a book or anything, she just made the technique up. The 10 year old had a big garter stitch piece that she was basically turning into stockinette by looping the stitches up the rungs. She said she “just made it up.” (!!!!) They had this pile of knitted things, shawls and scarves and bags, little things for their dollies, it was neat o.

We’ve been sleeping better the last couple of days. All that’s changed is my attitude– I have been trusting that D is tired and that he will go to sleep, instead of dreading that he’ll stay up all night. And the sleep is the only area my attitude has changed, really. I’m all hormonal and crazy right now, and I feel really internal when I get this way. I just want to spend some time creating with no distractions. Hopefully tomorrow I can have a bit of “studio time” (although my studio is my lap, for now). I’m thinking that I need to take 1-3 days a week for studio time– maybe I could create more for my Etsy shop, and do projects for myself and the kids to rejuvenate myself creatively. I have this drive to create, and when it’s not being met, I get to the point where I’ll put off everything and everyone who stands in between me and my vision. Regular creative breaks could really help my life to flow. I’m lucky to have a lot of people who will help me out with the kids, so I should use those outlets.


One thought on “Sew! Ro Ro! Go!

  1. You should be very proud!! Be sure to make time for you! We have a saying in our home, “When Mommy is happy, everyone is happy!”

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