Sort of around after hiatus

How to capture the events of the last two years in a single blog entry?

I’ll give it a shot.

I got hitched to a wonderful man, Mark, who is a true companion to me every day of my life.

I am nearly 8 months pregnant with my third child, a little girl named Lucy. We are very excited about her and I can’t stop thinking about making baby things!

I went through a life changing spiritual conversion in ’09 from making up my own ideas about God to falling head over heels (there’s no way this could surprise any of you more than it did me) for Christ.

I’m still much the same as I was but I have more grounding. I have found a Rock that I have been searching for my entire life, a source of stability that I have never ever known. I’m no Fundamentalist and not even a Literalist– but for all my questioning that I still do, I no longer question the divinity of Christ. The unending and unconditional love that I have found is something that I cannot deny.

So don’t be scared! Don’t watch your language around me and don’t think I’m internally judging you, because I’m not. I’ve not gone weird (or weirder) I’ve just been healed.

I’m still making things but haven’t posted them in ages, because of my hiatus from the internet. The hiatus has been good for me and has given me some breathing room. I crocheted Rowan a backpack that has made her the envy of her school.

I’ve been playing music, mainly at the nursing home that I was working at for the past year. I quit last month, and am now taking it easy while I get through the misery stage of pregnancy. It’s lovely to be a stay at home mom again.

I am using a little netbook thing that picks up WiFi around me, so my internet is in and out. But I will try to pick up the blogging torch again. It’s something I seriously miss.


4 thoughts on “Sort of around after hiatus

  1. Hi, So happy that you are happy! I had read your post from 2 yrs ago and worried about you!

    God is good all the time!!

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