Poppet Love

I could take it no longer, I had to finish up making my doll’s clothes last night.

This is Nellie. She’s a Poppet. (Poppets are taking Craftster by storm. See the Poppet Along for info on poppets and how to get the pattern.) Nellie is my first fully jointed doll, and although her leg joints are rather crazy, I still love her!

Her face is painted on and her hair is a very lush, soft, and slightly fuzzy yarn. Her skin is some sort of mystery fabric I was lucky enough to find (oh, how I pine for more of it to come into my life!). She’d been sitting around all nakie for a week or so– and I finally broke down and made her a little skirt and sweater.

I posted the pattern for the wee sweater here on Craftster. Also, I should note that it’s sort of based on Amanda’s Sunshine. I’m pretty sure it’s basic raglan construction, but I would never have been able to come up with this had it not been for that pattern!

And the back of the sweater:


6 thoughts on “Poppet Love

  1. Hi Heather, don’t forget to make her knickers..everyone who picks up the toys will look under the skirt for knickers. It’s true, seen it all before and do it myself.

    Well done by the way, doll making and teddy bear making using fabric or fur is addictive, and will run its course.

  2. Heather! She is super cute! I just love her little ears… you are so stinking talented!

    We might have to trade ideas on knitted doll clothes… I’ve just become addicted to Blythe dolls and knitting for them. 🙂

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