The Hazardous Scarf

Jeez, have I really been gone since January 10?

I guess so. Well, I’ve undertaken a project for my friend Professor Hazard:

…and it’s going a little slower than I’d originally hoped. It is going to be extra sweet, so there’s that.

The stitch pattern is Diagonal Slip Stitch Pattern from a Vogue Knitting Stitch book, which my poor ass happened to find in this sock pattern from MagKnits.

Here’s a detail:

I had wanted it to look more like this. But I think it’s pretty nice the way it is. Hopefully he will like it and stuff. I cast on 68 stitches on US size 7 needles– 16 inch circulars. I’m using four balls of Wool-Ease. (I know, I must have lost my mind. I’m halfway through ball 3.) It’s a long tube, then my required task is to sew up the ends, attach yellow and black fringe, and attach a logo much like the insignia badge from the Prof’s shop. In a pleasing manner.



One thought on “The Hazardous Scarf

  1. Your Hazardous Scarf looks even better than what you wanted it to look like.
    I think it is fantastic looking, not just “pretty nice”! And I have a male friend who was promised a scarf some months ago. I also have a friend who loves to do slip stitch patterns, so I will pass it on to her as well.

    Thank you for the picture and the knitting details. And do not put yourself – or your design results down.

    Happy knitting,

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