Spherey and Sunshine

I was so fired up to show Ro’s present that I forgot to share what I made for Boo Bear. It is, of course, Spherey, designed by the lovely Jess Hutchinson. Since like most people I don’t have access to the pattern booklet, I used the Poor Man’s Spherey instructions. I really like how he turned out– but the baby hasn’t even looked at him.

I used Paton’s Shetland Chunky on size 7’s for the body, and double-stranded Wool-Ease for the limbs. I learned a few tricks doing this. I made something else with this yarn and these needles and had a lot of holes. My tip is, when you are doing the kfb: when you insert the needle into the back of the same stitch you just knit, pull your working yarn taut. This really creates a beautiful tight fabric.

I also wanted to share my progress on Sunshine:

Again, the color freaks out my camera, it shows up more teal here but is actually a very intense blue violet. This thing fits me like a glove! It’s hands-down the most flattering thing I’ve ever made, and also probably the most flattering thing in my wardrobe (or future wardrobe).

I’ve learned so much with the construction of this sweater: how top-down raglans come to be, the sewn bind off. One sleeve, a collar, and the lace panel are all that is needed now! Of course it still might take me awhile as I’m not really able to do much knitting for myself these days.


5 thoughts on “Spherey and Sunshine

  1. oh my gosh. I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I could come here and see what an amazing person you are!

    I LOVE what you’re doing. You ROCK 🙂

    Have a beautiful day.


  2. I stumbled on your blog on Ravelry so I thought I’d check it out. My 3 1/2 year old is sitting with me and when she got a look at your dolls and monsters, she yelled about all the cuteness. It really is cute stuff.


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