I am a monster factory.

I sold three monsters today. I think that may be the last time such a miracle occurs. (Optimism, eh!)

Here’s one of them:

Okay, so my fingers are a getting a bit curly doing all this knitting. I’m going to keep it up for awhile because it’s really much better than trying to get a job at a gas station, even if I am only making half of minimum wage by comparison.

If anyone is interested in a custom order, I set up a listing today especially for that. Not that I’m trying to sell to my readers, but if you really WANT one, I can hook you up. (I’ve noticed people WANT a monster.) Maybe you know a kid who could really use a monster companion. Hey, I needed one myself. That’s why I have one living in my felted bag. (I still haven’t taken pictures of that bag.)

And hey, we got snow:

I zoomed in on the firetower in this shot. If you click the picture it will open up bigger and you can see all the details.

All in all a pretty sweet day.

Happy New Year and stuff!


2 thoughts on “I am a monster factory.

  1. Like the name now I am going to have to read your blog.
    A. You like and make monsters…my current fave is Leonardo the terrible monster(so cute!)
    B. You must be cool your name is Heather.

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