Leela rules. And so does Becky.

A lot of my holiday projects fell through or were lackluster. But I think my present to Rowan sort of makes up for that!

We are Futurama crazy around here. I made her a doll based on the flashback sequences in a couple of the episodes of Leela as a kid.

She is completely improvised. The increases and decreases are very similar to my usual ones but I think I may have found a way to improve this batch. I’m thinking of using her as a model for a pattern that would be worthy for sale. And hey, I learned the kitchener stitch for closing up the bottoms of the feet! It’s complicated and takes awhile but I’d rather do that than what I was doing– turning the leg inside out and doing a three-needle bind off. All in all, she took a lot longer than most of my toys do. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but… look at this little face!

The dress really reminds me of a few really horrible sweaterdresses I had as a child. But I just started knitting, and that’s how it turned out. Sort of nerdy-chic, or so I like to imagine.

Rowan loves her so much more than anything else I’ve ever made. I think I do too. (She just got a makeup kit from my mom for Christmas, which is why she’s all glittery and covered in stamps.)

I have been knitting my fingers off all month long. My pointer and middle fingers on my right hand are sort of curving oddly, and I think I’ve overdone the gift-making. I swear, I was just saying yesterday that I was going to take a really long knitting sabbatical. But then today, this came in the mail:

This is from my pal Becky, who loves a man in a kilt. (This proves she has good taste in itself.) She’s made lots of monsters from my patterns and sent me lots of monster yarn! Not only that, but she sent 2 skeins of amazing sock yarn (which I’ve actually never owned because I’m poor), 2 packs of notecards with a knitting theme, 3 books (Where the Sidewalk Ends, Animalia, Living the Creative Life), and this awesome sock monster guy that her daughter made:

His hat is removable and he wears it in good humor. I luff him BUNCHES.

So, I give Becky full credit for inspiring me to work on more designs.



5 thoughts on “Leela rules. And so does Becky.

  1. Your creative talents never cease to amaze me. You are an inspiration to me. Any change of a pattern for the Leela doll?

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