Ah, the effing holidays.

I am not going to do it this year. I don’t have the money to go out and overdo the gift purchasing. I am also NOT going to stress myself out deciding to make all my presents and then flaking out until December 21st.

I’ve been busily adding things to my Ravelry queue. I should have already started knitting, honestly. But the thing is, I hate to think about the holidays AT ALL until Winter Solstice. (And I usually end up spending all my mid-December birthday money on gifts.)

This year, I am knitting one or two very cool toys for each of the kids, a smaller thing, and a new hat. All the other people on my list are getting ONE pretty nice thing. They’ll be nicely done but they will not be a cable-infested pullover or anything. I don’t know what to get for some of them so they’re getting something kooky, and I’m not going to feel bad about any of it.

The holidays of the past have been a hard, black time. Why should they be?

Here’s what I’m thinking:

For my little Robot Companion girlie: Brain Slug, Hello Kitty, Make Believe Crown.

For Boo Bear: this Elephant, or this elephant(.pdf). 12-Section Yarnball

And I’m looking at this hat for the both of them.

And what about my mom and dad and everyone else? I’m not telling! 😀 But if you’re hip to Ravelry you can figure it out by looking in my queue.

I probably owe you guys a real post, so sometime in the next couple of days I’m going to try to take some pictures of my progress on Sunshine and some of my old projects from before this blog was born.


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