And a wearable FO for me! Hooray!

This sweater is so cozy, and it matches my monster, Abigail!

(That’s me fidgeting because I can’t stand having my picture taken… “Hurrrryyy up alreadyyyyy!!!”)

Pattern is Lo Tech Sweat by Bonne Marie Burns — the ONLY pattern I have ever purchased online. Yarn is Paton Classic Wool in Too Teal. Yay for Too Teal!!! I love this color loads.

Modifications: I added pockets, but they were different lengths and made the fact that one of the button bands was an inch longer than the other much more obvious. It was seriously wonky. Plus, since I’m kind of busty, it made me have too much fabric around my middle. (If my clothes aren’t super fitted/snug I look about 15 pounds heavier.) I put a zipper in because I’m scared of knitting buttonholes and I love zippers. I used garter stitch both on the button bands and the cuffs. I love garter stitch as a trim– I like things to be rather crude and raw.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I haven’t blocked it (jeez I never seem to get around to that, EVER) but I’d really like it to be a bit more snug than it is. This poor thing has been needing the last little finishing touch for a few months now. But, it’s Fall now, and I have a cozy woolly hoodie that I love to wear!


4 thoughts on “And a wearable FO for me! Hooray!

  1. Great job! I have been thinking of making one of these for my daughter. I am still in awe that my teenager (she who won’t wear handknits except for socks, scarves) has actually requested another jacket/sweater. Maybe if she sees your fabulous one…

    blissfulknitter AT gmail DOT com

  2. It looks excellent! Very cozy, and I love the colour.

    Also, I’m really enjoying catching up on your blog. Great to see what you’ve been up to lately, and how exciting about your plans for homeschooling your children. šŸ™‚


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