An actually wearable FO!

It’s based on Zippy by Berroco, made with Mission Falls 1824 Cotton that I dyed myself. The lacy chevron border is from another pattern I had, from Sirdar, I think. I changed it to be knit in one piece to the armholes– I didn’t want to do front and back panels, it seemed unnecessary. I’ve not yet conquered a top down raglan pattern, although Sunshine is in my queue and on my brain a lot, being so awesome and all. I seriously mean to add a zipper at some point, maybe. The ties are to hold it on the girl for the time being. But I think they work nicely, and really, who believes that I will get around to installing a zipper?!

There are definitely impurities, such as: I haven’t blocked it, the arms are made for a monkey so I have to roll up the sleeves (blocking might help that, but I doubt it), and while the body is the right length for now, it will be too short before long. I think when that happens I may have to confront my dreaded fear of learning to crochet, to make it longer. But it’s comfy, I sent her to school in it today. It came back in one piece, so there’s that.

I’m honestly very happy to have this project done so I can stop thinking about it. Making garments is rewarding but I’m going to have to start jazzing my stuff up because it gets so dull. I’m not sure how well I like knitting with Mission Falls Cotton– it cramps up my hands. The slight nubbiness of it is interesting, it gives it that homespun look which I like. It just doesn’t feed well from the ball to the needles, there is no flow! I seamed the pieces together with it too, which was a bit of a mistake– it kept breaking.

But– all done– it’s comfy and pink and that’s all RoRoBot cares about.


One thought on “An actually wearable FO!

  1. Awww, That cardi is just too cute! I personally love it with the tie. If all else fails you can just pick up and knit a bit longer length as the little one grows (though crochet really isn’t that hard). I agree about the Mission Falls- it is a bit hard on the hands and wrists, but the nubbiness sure is nice!

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