Fox! (now with pattern)

I’m so excited about this little guy. He’s a very heavily modified version of the Furryness pattern.

I know I’m going to get arrested by the yarn police one day. I can just hear some of you shouting, “HEATHER! What is up with all this novelty yarn you keep using?!” I just have bunches of it. I can’t buy ANY yarn right now, so I have to make the best of what I’ve got.

I have to say, I think I put my stash to good use this time. I only wish you could see the nose a bit better, it’s this little round ball, it’s PRECIOUS.

Basically I used the Furryness pattern as a guide for the body, and left out the last increase/first decrease in both the body and the head.

I love his little tail….


Moda Dea Eden in colorways Flame and Serpent
worsted weight to match the Moda Dea (I used tan Red Heart to go with the orange parts because that’s what I had, but I wish I would have had something foxier! I used some white kitchen cotton to go with the silver for the nose and tail.)
Bernat Softee Chunky: (I used some green, navy blue, grey, and a small amount of black for the nose and the eyes.)
Size 7 double pointed needles, set of 4.
blunt end tapestry needle

Yarn substitution info:
I am all for stash busting. The Moda Dea is a bulky weight furry yarn that can easily be replaced, but I do like its vibrancy. You will only be using maybe less than half of a skein of the orange and a tiny bit of the silver. If I would have had a white furry yarn I would have used that instead of the silver! The Bernat Softee Chunky is easily replaced by any other bulky weight yarn, acrylic or otherwise. Use what you have on hand!

A note about gauge:
Pick a needle size that is not painful but also tight enough that your stuffing doesn’t show through. I’m a pretty loose knitter so the 7’s work for me and the yarn I used– they may not work for you and your yarn.

Kfb= increase by knitting into front of stitch, then into back of same stitch.

Body & Head (starting at the butt):

CO 6 sts with green. Join in the round, being careful not to twist (Yeah, I know, I just have to say that, apparently :D)

Rd 1: Kfb each stitch. (12 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: Kfb each stitch. (24 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: [kfb, k1] 3 times, kfb, k2, [kfb, k1] 5 times, kfb, k4. (34 sts)
Rd 6: k all sts.
Rd 7: [kfb, k2] 3 times, kfb, k4, [kfb, k2] 5 times, kfb, k4. (44 sts)
Rds 8, 9, 10: k all sts.
Rd 11: [kfb, k3] 3 times, kfb, k6, [kfb, k3] 4 times, kfb, k8. (53 sts)
Rds 12-19: k all sts.
Rd 20: [ssk, k3] 3 times, ssk, k6, [k2tog, k3] 4 times, k2tog, k8. (44 sts)
Rds 21-23: k all sts (Note: stripe pattern starts on round 22– 2 rounds grey, 2 rounds dark blue, 2 rounds grey, work even in dark blue)
Rd 24: [ssk, k2] 3 times, ssk, k4, [k2tog, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k8. ( 35 sts)
Rds 25-28: k all sts.
Rd 29: [ssk, k1] 3 times, ssk, k2, [k2tog, k1] 5 times, k2tog, k2tog, k3. (24 sts)
Rds 30, 31, 32: k all sts. Stuff body firmly.
Rd 33: ssk 4 times, k2, k2tog 4 times, k6. (16 sts)
Rds 34: k all sts.
Switch to furry yarn, held together with a strand of worsted.
Rd 35: [kfb, k1] around. (24 sts)
Rd 36: k all sts. It helps to divide sts evenly again at this point.
Rd 37: [kfb, k2] around. (32 sts)
Rds 38-45: k all sts.
Rd 46: [ssk, k2] 4 times, k2tog, k4, [k2tog, k2] 2 times, k2tog. (24 sts)
Rd 47: k all sts.
Rd 48: [ssk, k1] 4 times, [k2tog, k1] 4 times. (16 sts.) Stuff head firmly.
Rd 49: k all sts.
Rd 50: [k2tog, k2] around. (12 sts)
Rd 51: k all sts.
Rd 52: k2tog around. [6 sts]
Break yarn, pull through remaining stitches. Weave in ends. It’s okay to tie a knot, you don’t want the creature falling apart. Set him/her down on a flat surface, pretend it’s Play Doh, and mold and squeeze until you get an ideal shape, making the bottom sit flat. The Moda Dea seems to be furrier on the inside, maybe it’s just how I knit or something, but I like to take a soft bristle brush (like a baby brush or a boar’s bristle brush) and gently brush the fur out. (If you are using something other than the Moda Dea, make sure to check that all the fur isn’t going to shed when you do this.) Note: The front of the fox is the last few sts on the needle, where you are knitting a panel of 8 or so sts. This panel is the tummy.

Using blue yarn, CO 9 sts. Join in round, k all sts for 13 rounds.
Switch to your fuzzy yarn held tog with worsted. Work one round.
Then: (Rd 1): (k1, kfb, k1) 3 times. (12 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: kfb, k to last st, kfb. (14 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog. (12 sts)
Rd 6: k all sts.
Rd 7 k2tog around. (6 sts)
Break yarn, pull through rem sts.

Using green yarn, CO 9 sts. Join in round, k all sts for 19 rounds.
Switch to your fuzzy yarn held tog with worsted. Work one round.
Then: (Rd 1): kfb, k to last st, kfb. (11 sts)
Rd 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: kfb, kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, kfb. (15 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts.
Rd 5: kfb, k to last st, kfb.
Work 3 rounds even. Then, either turn leg inside out very gently and do a 3-needle bind off (this is what I did and it was way harder on this fella than any other creature I’ve made) or BO all sts and sew up seam. If you know some fancy grafting tricks, use ’em! Note: You should have 6 sts on the left and right needles, and 3 sts on the back needle. Divide the foot between the right and left needles, slipping the sts from the back needle onto the two front ones as evenly as possible for the 3 needle bind off.

CO 9 sts holding the orange furry yarn with the worsted.
Join in round.
Rds 1-5: k all sts.
Rd 6: (kfb, k2) 3 times (12 sts)
Rd 7: k 5 more rounds.
Switch to either white or silver furry yarn held tog with worsted to match.
Rd 8: (kfb, k3) 3 times (15 sts)
Rd 9:k 3 rounds.
Rd 10: (k2tog, k1, k2tog) 3 times (9 sts)
Rnd 11: k3tog around. See that? Knit Three Together.
Break yarn, pull through rem 3 sts.


CO 18 sts holding white or silver yarn tog with worsted.
Join in round.
Rds 1-3: k all sts.
Rd 4:(k 2 tog, k4) 3 times (15 sts)
Rd 5:k all sts
Rd 6:(k2tog, k3) 3 times (12 sts)
Rd 7: k all sts
Rd 8: (k2tog, k2) 3 times (9 sts)
Rd 9 k all sts
Rd 10: (k2tog, k1) 3 times (6 sts)
Switch to black yarn.
Rd 11: k all sts
Rd 12:(kfb, k1) 3 times (9 sts)
Rd 13: k all sts.
Rd 14: (k2 tog, k1) 3 times (6 sts)
Break yarn, pull through rem sts. When you’re weaving the yarn back through, weave it around the base of the nose and pull like a drawstring to define nose.


CO 9 sts. These are worked flat in garter st.
Rds 1 and 2: k all sts.
Rd 3: k1, k2tog, k3, k2tog ( 7 sts)
Rd 4: k all sts
Rd 5: k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog. (5 sts)
Rd 6: k all sts
Rd 7: k2tog, k1, k2tog (3 sts)
Rd 8: k all sts
Rd 9: k2tog, k1 (2 sts)
Rd 10: K2 tog. Break yarn, pull through rem st.

Finishing: I use Jess Hutch’s method for seaming, illustrated here.


9 thoughts on “Fox! (now with pattern)

  1. I love the fox. That’s my last name and I am always buying foxes for myself and my Fox niece. I have been looking for a fox pattern to knit but have never found one I liked until now. And just in time for Christmas. I am so excited!! (can you tell?)

  2. Thank you for this great pattern! I knit the fox for my father, who is a huge fan of all sorts of foxes. I didn’t have any fur yarn, so I used “normal” red cotton yarn (is that the word? I’m no native speaker). I had to alter the pattern a little, since the head turned out to be rather small with my yarn – or, well, I had a really “fat” fox 😉
    Anyway, my father will get this for christmas and I hope he’ll love the little guy just as much as I do!

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