I was surprised when I saw a Ravelry invite in my inbox this morning. Yesterday I had vowed to seriously do laundry and spend time with the chilluns, but today ended up feeling like an unexpected holiday. I lost all ambition to clean up and decided to basically take the day off. I cooked a crazy big brunch for the whole family and then just got simply lost.Perhaps tomorrow I won’t be sucked into Ravelry from the moment I step out of bed all bleary eyed.

My username on Ravelry is rupestur! I assume I’ll be using it loads, so friend me iffen you like.

I’m in awe. I had no idea! I emailed the peeps and I hope to have my designs that were already up linked to my username. That’ll be nice. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, of course, but hopefully I’ll catch on. I know one thing for sure– this is one of those things where I’m going to have to write up a bunch of restrictions for myself so that I don’t just sit here forgetting to feed people.

Maybe I’ll actually have an FO soon. I’ve finished a couple of the dishcloths, but Rowan’s sweater is just lingering there… taunting me. There’s only one sleeve left, ya know? I mean, that’s complete and total incompetence. I’m about to smack myself up for that.

Does anyone else with small children notice that there are times when you pick up your needles, and your kid sees you do it, and runs across the room just SCREAMING because they want you all of a sudden? Even though they were just busy playing with their bellybutton or absorbed in building a block tower?


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