Perhaps I’ve moved back around to the monsters

I’ve been trying to modify/improve the Furryness pattern, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Rowan named her Abigail, and she’s MY monster because I haven’t made one for me yet.

She’s made with Paton’s Classic Wool (color Too Teal), it’s so bright it’s hard to look at, but so so irresistable. I’ve definately improved the knobbles– I found a much better way to do them. This time I made them with kitchen cotton which makes for very sturdy and solid knobbles.

Profilin’, that’s all.

I took the original pattern and used some worsted weight yarn and my size 3 double points, and threw in some extra rows for the skinnyness. I’ll need to make another one, I want to work out a couple of kinks. I’m also wanting to do one in bulky yarn, and a minature version. I think I may make a little ebook and put it up on Etsy.

I got 8 balls of that Patons Classic Wool in Too Teal and I have made the Lo-Tech Sweat, the felted bag from, and this little monster. I still have most of a skein left!

The sweater is sort of wonky. I made one of the button bands about one inch longer somehow, and one of the front pockets is about an inch longer than the other one, and I think the extra inches are both on one side, because it’s really noticable. This is why I don’t like making useful things.

But it’s okay, because I can now put on my wonky sweater, put my silly monster in the pocket, and carry my bag and they’ll all be this INSANE color! Sweet.

Also, excitingness! The curlers have another purpose– entertaining small children. You can thread the loops through each other and make a chain. If you make them AS toys, you don’t even have to make that crazy pod thing unless you want to– you could just do a ball shape instead. It looks like a necklace of pickles the way they are! I might work on a pattern for toy versions, they’d be neato in all different colors and junk.

I couldn’t help throwing this one in. She’s THIS many!


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