She’s stylin’

I get Rowan back today and I’m going to meet her by shoving this in her face:

She turned out pretty good considering that I made her up as I went along and my calculations proved to be a bit wonky. Everything I knit ends up wonky these days. If it weren’t for the extra character it adds I think I’d go crazy. You can also see the stuffing poking through in a few places– like right at the neck– and I guess that’s due to the fact that I used size 6 needles with worsted weight yarn, and I usually use size 3’s. Always dpn’s. Her skirt, I’m not sure about…. I don’t know if I like it. It’s some rainbow stripey yarn that was my Mamaw’s. Maybe I should have gone plainer.

Her eyes are buttons with pieces of felt in the middle. I had to redo the mouth a few times because I suck at embroidery. But she has that Roosevelt Franklin look now, sort of.

I brightened this one up a lot so you can see how the hair is mostly one knitted piece, except for the pigtails.

I hope Ro Ro likes this. I’m starting to think that this is sort of a waste of time. Yeah, it’s freakin fun, but it does take awhile. This little one has taken me two days. And I’ve not done any housework in those two days. But I can’t help it… it makes me happy. So maybe it’s not a waste of time.


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